We wanted to create a place where you feel completely at home.

So our hangout is a hub where you can relax in comfortable armchairs and enjoy the informal, surroundings of URMV.

Coffee Time

Freshly Brewed

We tasted a lot of coffee to make sure we brought you the very best beans, freshly brewed. We proudly serve organic pure earth marcala beans. Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade, paired with the amazing Riverford Dairy organic unpasteurised milk from Devon’s happiest cows – and like as much of our stock as possible sourced locally or through local companies. We think it will be some of the best coffee you will taste, and some of us are even pretty handy at the whole barista thing!

Start planning your next adventure.

Talk to our team about your two­wheel travel highlights and dreams of the open road. Whether locally or globally, we all have some miles on the clock.

On Thursday nights (April through September) we open late and invite you to join us over a beer and some bike talk. As George Orwell (probably) said, 4 wheels bad, two wheels good!